Sunday Thread: The Magic Bell

A genie shows up and gives you a magic bell. Whenever you ring the bell—you never have to ring the bell, but when you do—there is immediately a knock on the door.

A person appears. They are polite and nice and clean and attractive and disease free. They are whatever sex you are not attracted to.

If you have oral sex with this person after ringing that bell, you get $5,000.

After you do, they leave. They do not hand you the money. The genie reappears and hands you the money.

You do not know if the genie is an agent of this person or if the person is required by some deal with the genie to be doing this.

You can ring the bell at most 7 times a day.

You can also ring it zero times.

How does this bell affect your life?

There are some obvious strategies you could take here.

You could never ring it and be offended by this entire premise.

You could ring it as much as possible on the weekends and make $70,000 every weekend.

You could quit your job and ring it seven times a day every day for a year and make $12,775,00 in a year.

You could ring it sporadically when a credit card bill is due.

There are some less obvious strategies.

One thing you could do is rent a theater on Broadway. Sell tickets and when the theater is full, ring the bell. There would immediately be a knock on the stage door. You’d let the person in. The person would be confused why they were on a stage in front of a thousand people. You would have to assure them. You could perform the ritual then and the genie would appear and give you $5,000.

You would be now making a new income as the greatest magician/sex worker in the world.

Or you could try to rebel against the genie. You could conspire with the person. You have assumed until now that this was your story. But what about theirs?

They are just living their lives and sporadically up to seven times a day they are being alerted that they need to drop what they are doing and walk into a portal and go recieve oral sex. They are receiving money (or something) from the genie. Maybe they have a family. Maybe they are doing this to provide for their family.

How can you and the person conspire and turn things around on the genie?

Maybe they don’t have a family! Maybe they stumbled on the genie and wished that they would have two good legs (having been born with one bad leg) and the genie’s cost was this. Maybe in this scenario you begin to fall in love with the person. Maybe you become attracted to them. Sexuality is fluid. You and the person decide to marry and ringing the bell becomes a meaningless act, but one that still grants you $5,000.

Or something else!

How would this magic bell affect your life?