Tell me a story of sin and regret

What have you learned about yourself over the last four years?

None of us expected this era. It’s been a trip.

I have experienced highs and lows.

2018 was possibly the happiest year of my life. I was in love and she loved me too and I had friends and they wanted to be friends with me too etc…

But the other years were fucking awful lol.

There is a fantasy notion that everyone in media’s career’s improved because of Trump. Not me.

Liberals were so outraged at Facebook when Trump was elected that they bullied the network into making structural changes. I had built my career around gaming the existing version and suddenly my value dropped 40% lol.

I had just gotten out of a mental institution when Trump won. I’d been in that nuthouse because i’d tried to kill myself. The whole stitch of his presidency was wild.

I’ve learned that I am in ways more resilient and in other ways more vulnerable. I have been in love and been in anguish; I have been pleased and unpleased; I have been able to put politics out of my mind and I have found politics find me in the night and drown me like the unavoidable antic of death it is.

I have both more and less agency over my own well being than I knew four years ago.

What have you learned about yourself?